Broken Solder Point

I need to determine what this is:

If I had to guess, it’s the right side speaker box.

What is the best way to go about fixing it?


Catching Up

“I never grow tired of being useful” – Teddy Roosevelt

Being a man’s man entails that one can do manly things and exemplify “what it means to be a man.” Of course, if we look at Gardner’s Principles of Intelligence or basic differences of culture, we’ll likely discover that what makes an Aborigine “a man,” defers greatly from what makes a New York stock broker… “a man.”

All men have assholes, as it goes. What you eat, doesn’t make me shit.

Let’s just say;  Skills make a man. Ability to survive in nature makes a man. Working at fatherhood makes a man. Loving without anger, fear, or doubt makes a man. Protecting without thought of self makes a man.

36 years on Earth. I’m ever confident in my self, but in the pursuit of more knowledge, wonder, and know-how, I have given myself away for many great purposes. Most, however, have been for someone else’s glory. Self-less service. Virtuous endeavor, but will it yield prosperity.

In the summer of 2011 I was reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, which I finished, and would have to write and entirely different blog to describe my interpretation, when I met Chris Gardner and he gave me a signed copy of his book Pursuit of Happyness.

The balance. The dichotomy. 2 stories about two, albeit equally hard working, completely different characters, with two very different life stories. Ironically, the character with the life most fantastic, happens to be the non-fiction character. While the horrors, and atrocities experienced by Sinclair’s Jurgus Rudkus were the dominant, gloomy picture painted by a real life muckraker with a political agenda, it still illustrates the difficulty of the average human.

I am not above average.

I am pursuing happiness.

I choose my destiny.

Learning daily, I experience new opportunities to be useful, to myself.

The more energy I spend here, the presumption, the more it will reward.

If you are reading this, keep following, I aim to blog more regular, and soon, you will experience the fruits of my endeavors. In a different way than those who I have served in the past.









Life is a grand Well.

We’ll always go to the well to fetch our water.

When the well dries up, we look for another source.

In the wake of losing my gear, last October,
I had written an amazing Blog that didn’t retain in the cloud 😦 . That particular entry discussed death and passing. I wrote it in the weeks. following the death of Steve Jobs. I had also seen a plaque that served as a memorial for an old buddy, placed at the local dog park.

If you had read that blog, you would’ve bared witness to a great well of reflection.

Well, today, I discuss moving on.

For quite some time, I have pined over a better computing system, and still do, HOWEVER, I did the next best thing. I upgraded my 5-6year old 15″ pre-unibody MacBook Pro.

I really can’t believe I did all those years with only 120g of Hard Drive. With everything going solid state, I debated going that route, however it’s pricey and bumping from 5400rpm HDD to a 7200rpm really would of made a difference. BUT, I ordered 2 hard drives. One for myself, plus one for my wife. She got the 7200rpm (Scorpio Black) OOPS! 😉

+ Western Digital Scorpion Blue, 5400rpm, 750gig HDD

Next, I doubled my RAM!!! Who new how easy both of these tasks were? Haha!!!

-(2x1gig) + (2x2g) RAM

Lastly, perhaps even most important, a new battery. A computer with no battery must remained plugged in to a power source during operation. That’s a clear deduction, not a huge task. However, consider a quick, magnetic disconnect for your power (albeit, cool overall). This illustration should be clear—FAIL!!!

+ 1 NuPower Battery

I did all the same for my wife’s machine, originally purchased at the same time in 2007, except the RAM.

I used my new, and other wise unmentioned, OWLE BUBO for iPhone 4, to capture a time-lapse of the opening of my new excitement. I love doing time lapse UnBoxing videos. I shot the video with the app “iTimelapse”–great app!!


And look for more entries into this blog, my computer is more efficient, and exciting to work with!!


Here is the list of things stolen from my garage October 31, 2011.

Inventory lost Oct 31



I just work here.

But rest assured I am handling it as professionally as should be expected.

Battery Breaks. Awkward camera and screen juxtaposition. Of course the show goes on…


Chad Andrew Burn—
Camera Man!!!!




What Happens in Vegas

There are all sorts of things international happening here. Just rest assured that “here” is certainly “Las Vegas”.

This week, Sands Expo Center and Venetian, are hosting IMEX AMERICA. This is the first IMEX to take place in the US. On the show (expo) floor, the attendees can talk to everyone in the related group travel industries. Represented at the show are hotels, airlines, tour groups, and convention service providers, as well as visitor and convention bureaus for major US cities and many nations.

There are some large booths with a variety of designs, as can be found on any convention floor. This week, at the Sands, the largest and brightest booth seems to be Germany. The most original is Disney. Minnesota features a Prince look-a-like (Jason of Purple Reign) who plays rock band on a 55″ plasma screen. Wonder why?

Of course, the home town heroes are present in force!! LAS VEGAS’ booth has all the flare that should be expected from;
The hub of international business—narrowly rivaled by Dubai, Boston, Switzerland, and Los Angeles.

Recognizing this, I can’t but help to feel a sense of pride and happiness for my home town. And as we have returned to Las Vegas, of late…I extend that pride into excitement for the future. Working as a stagehand in this oasis of international business, has provided years of exposure to a variety of industries and the scope of understanding gleaned, cannot be expressed in a short blog. It must be said that more and more, I recognize my place within a great fraternity [IATSE LOCAL 720]

While I write this blog, attempting to further my outreach into your awareness of me, I want you to know, LAS VEGAS IS MY HOME!! And I am. Professional in the Stage and Camera industries. I am available to provide dedicated, reliable service with a smile.



Well, it’s good to be back in Las Vegas.
It’s GREAT to have my family around again. And I foresee many good days and much progression ahead.

I downloaded the wordpress app for my iPhone. So this is the first post were I try to put it to use.

Now I shall attempt to post a picture.

Can you tell me where this is?




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